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Karen Philip
Karen Philip is a graduate of the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies, with a BSc degree in Social Work. She is also trained in Mediation, Accounting and Business and Computer Technology.

From 2004 she has worked both in Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados. Among the position she held was as a member of the team at Market Facts & Opinions (2001) Limited, where she was responsible for assisting with supervising and conducting field research in the private sector including planning focus groups, conducting telephone interviews and other research methodologies. 

Ms Philip has acted as a consultant on a number of research based actions with the firm RMJG & Associates and this has included a number of organizational reviews of national level Business Support Organisations and Non-Profit Organisations.  In this capacity, she has supported the design of research processes and conducted numerous interviews with assignment stakeholders in addition to implementing questionnaire instruments. Ms. Philip also has notable experience undertaking statistical analysis and reporting formulation.

As a member of the May Hinds Consulting team, Karen contributes in the areas of product and market research and statistical reporting for a number of enterprises across productive sectors and areas of business. 

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