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Reudon A. Eversley
J.P., M.J., M.P.M., Dip. Th.

Drawing on 30 years’ experience in journalism, strategic communications and political management, Reudon Eversley focuses on promoting greater appreciation among businesses and other organizations of the critical role of communication in building success.

Reudon, a graduate of Carleton University with master’s degrees in journalism and political management, defines success as achieving one’s strategic objectives. And crucial to achieving such outcomes is winning the support and cooperation of key stakeholder groups which an organization must engage in the conduct of business.

The reality is that most organizations tend to overlook the vital contribution of communication in their pursuit of success. Often, the value is only recognized when a crisis arises and an organization’s reputation is at serious risk. Pro-actively adopting a strategic approach to communication makes a big difference in deciding the winners from the losers.

Besides holding senior management positions in the regional media, Reudon has guided leading companies including British Airways, international organizations including the Inter-American Development Bank, governments and NGOs to reap success through the design and implementation of winning communication strategies.

As a member of the May Hinds Consulting team, Reudon contributes to the development of communication strategies to support the stakeholder engagement  and marketing efforts of clients as well as the management of their reputations which happen to be their most precious but fragile asset.

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