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Jeremy Stephen
MSc., DIC, BSc.
Jeremy Stephen is a trained business and financial consultant who assists business entities with their business and financial planning strategies. A former economist at the Central Bank of Barbados, he graduated with a BSc. Economics (First Class Honours) from University of the West Indies - Cave Hill Campus (UWI), where he received the prestigious Charles M. Kennedy Prize for academic excellence in Economics. A former Commonwealth Scholarship winner in 2006, he completed his MSc. Finance degree from Imperial College Business School in 2007.

He began his freelance career in January 2009 with the intention of providing his services to funding agencies, financial companies and subcontracted regional projects from firms such as CBET Inc, BBEC and the CSME. Jeremy founded Damoola Inc afterwards to tackle a business interests ranging from asset and portfolio management and investments to quantitative and qualitative research.

His core specialisation is in financial and economic modeling along with web development; and financial training along with financial and business advisory services. These skills were initially honed during his stints at the Central Bank of Barbados - where he was responsible for maintaining the Bank’s economic and financial forecasting model - and his highly quantitative Master’s programme at Imperial College London. He is also a part-time lecturer at UWI Cave Hill in the Economics Department specializing in  financial economics and technology. Jeremy is currently the President of the Barbados Economics Society and stands ready to participate in economic, business and financial seminars and conferences.

Jeremy’s day-to-day responsibilities, through Damoola Inc., include internal corporate advisory, management of the internal and external financial monitoring system, financial due diligence, and fund raising. He has provided financial consultancy, business advisory services to the Nation Corporation Inc, the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC), the Barbados Agricultural Development and Management Corporation (BADMC), Invest Caribbean Now, Alpha Banco de Inversion, and The Craane Group (Merril Lynch) amongst others. He also partners with several consultancy firms, such as May Hinds Consulting and Samdor Services Inc. in the areas of finance and business anaylsis and web technologies.

An avid basketballer and football fan, Jeremy’s interests also lie in charitable causes  and a passion for sustainable economic growth through healthcare, alternative energy, agriculture and tourism, He is now a member of UNDP’s Small Grants Program Steering Committee.

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