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Erin Small
J.P., M.J., M.P.M., Dip. Th.

Erin Small is a young entrepreneur who specialises in Social Media Management. With a BSc in Tourism and Hospitality Management from the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus and over 12 years work experience in the local Tourism Industry, Erin launched Right Click Social Media Management in February 2016 with a focus on small and medium sized businesses in the island. 

While her background is in Tourism Management, she has branched- out in the Social Media world to not only specialise in Social Media Management for tourism based entities but also offering consulting to businesses outside of tourism such as food & beverage operators, clothing merchants and Barbados’ leading pop culture online magazine.  

Erin has brought a new dynamic to the MHC team, offering Social Media Consulting & Management and describes this service as “Fresh, inexpensive marketing, necessary to take any business forward in this highly technological age”

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