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Roger LeFrancois
MA (Econ), B.A (Econ)
Our main international associate is Roger Lefrancois. He specializes in tourism planning, design and implementation of tourism projects, with a basis in consultation, market analysis, business planning, and sustainability.  Roger founded his own consulting company, HLA Consultants, in 1977 and has operated it since.  He has undertaken numerous national and international consulting assignments.

He has considerable experience in tourism planning, with a strong emphasis on awareness and implementation.  He has designed and managed the preparation of tourism master development plans for large regions, product development plans, market studies, and financial analyses for specific projects.  He has a very good knowledge of tourism markets and visitor preferences for a wide variety of experiences, regions and countries.

At a business level, he focuses on the factors necessary to develop a viable tourism industry nationally, and on the factors which recognize sustainable environmental, social and economic objectives.  He has consulted at micro levels to communities, corporations and at macro levels to countries, on preferred directions and positioning for product development and enhancement. Much of his work recognizes principles of biological and cultural diversity. Some of the challenges he often addresses include:
•    the integration of communities with the built and natural resources in the planning of tourism experiences
•    ensuring the communities benefit, in as broad a sense as possible
•    planning so the investments and operations are financially sustainable
•    identifying and providing direction for the “champions” to make the entire project work
•    ensuring the environment resources are sustained and enhanced, where possible
•    ensuring the integrity of the traditional cultures are maintained
•    not least, enabling for the communities to be integral to the plan and projects.
Since 1985 Roger has worked extensively internationally, with a strong focus in the countries of the Caribbean islands, Central America, and South America.  He also completed an assignment in Saudi Arabia in 2002 and Gabon, Africa in 2004. In his work, he has traveled extensively through the Caribbean region, working with government, industry, and the people.

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